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Skanör - Malmö

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    51 km

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    325 m

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From the Swedish Riviera, there are only thirty kilometres to Malmö, one of the world's ten best cycling cities.

But there is much more to Malmö than good bike paths. What really makes the city worth a visit is the diversity, the markets, the restaurants, the parks and the beach. Spend a few days in Malmö and shop at Möllan, take a bath at the Ribban open-air bathhouse, walk through the park Pildammsparken, have a cup of coffee at the Slottsträdgården castle garden café, and visit the harbour in Västra Hamnen and the Turning Torso. And don’t miss Malmö's excellent restaurants, from Guide Michelin restaurants to excellent street food.

Welcome to the fourth segment of Sydkustleden.

Below, we list some of our favourites. 

-Open Air Museum. Do not miss the sculpture park along road 100 in Höllviken.

-The West harbour. Unique neighborhood with unique architecture and sustainability thinking. Do not miss Malmö landmark Turning Torso.

-Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. Popular diet for bath soaked ore residents. The cold bath house dates from the turn of the century and is the largest and best preserved cold bath house in the Nordic countries.

-Möllevångstorget. The square with the best atmosphere! Shop for locally produced vegetables, Asian delicacies or have a cup of coffee at one of the many outdoor restaurants.

-Slottsträdgården. One of Malmö's most popular tourist destinations. Be inspired by the floral or take a lovely cup of coffee in the café.

51 km

325 m


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Badhytter i Skanör Photographer: Apelöga
Skanör Photographer: Lobster & Swan
Gamla Väster i Malmö Photographer: Lobster & Swan
Kallis i Malmö Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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