The Right of Public Access

Photo: Apelöga

The Right of Public Access (Sw. Allemansrätten) provides a unique opportunity to move freely in nature. This right, however, is linked to an obligation to show consideration and caution toward nature, animals, landowners and others who are out in the countryside.

The Right of Public Access is a unique opportunity for everyone to move freely amongst the natural beauty of Sweden. However you also need to take responsibility for nature and animals, and show consideration for landowners and other visitors when you are biking. The main rule is “Don’t disturb and Don’t destroy”. When you are biking close to houses, it is important to show consideration so that those who live in the house should be able to feel undisturbed. In national parks and nature reserves, special rules for biking may apply. It may be completely prohibited, or permitted only on certain trails. On bulletin boards in certain areas, you can read about the rules that apply. You can also obtain additional information regarding these rules from your municipality or the county administration. As a visitor in the great outdoors, you are responsible for knowing what applies in the area you visit.


Camping in the great outdoors

Camping in natural surroundings is a wonderful experience, and the right to roam entitles you to spend a single night camping in each place. If a large group wants to put up many tents, however, they need to ask the landowner’s permission. Make sure you don’t disturb the landowner or cause damage to the place. Choose a more rugged place to pitch your tent, rather than in a pasture or on agricultural or planted land. You are not allowed to camp close to someone’s home. Special rules may apply in national parks or nature preserves, so check this before pitching your tent. There are several camping sites along Sydkustleden that offer fine camping sites that you can reserve. The map tool will show you where these are located.



Once you’ve pitched your tent, it can be enjoyable to get a campfire going. You are allowed to light a fire outdoors unless an open burning prohibition order is in effect. This may be the case especially during a dry summer. Remember that you are responsible for the fire and can be liable for any damage it causes. It’s preferable to use existing barbeque sites or to build a temporary one on suitable ground. Always extinguish a fire or embers with water, and dismantle any barbeque sites you have built before you leave a place.


Fishing along the trail

There are several rivers, streams and lakes with good fishing along Sydkustleden. But fishing is not unrestricted everywhere. At the sea, you are generally allowed to fish with a fishing rod. In all other fishing waters, you also need a fishing license (Sw. Fiskekort).


Picking berries and firewood

You are allowed to pick berries, wild flowers, herbs, mushrooms and cones. You may not take anything from growing trees, including twigs, branches, bark, leaves, acorns and sap. This also means that you are not allowed to fell trees to get firewood or building materials for a lean-to.


Rubbish and remains from your visit

It’s never fun to come to a beautiful place where someone has left his rubbish. Remember that when you take a break, and always remove your rubbish. Then no one will be disappointed, and no animals will be harmed. Throw your rubbish in a bin when you pass through a town or village.