Rent bikes & book package tours

Do you need to rent a bike on-site? Would you like to book a complete package with accommodation and experiences along the way?

Bike Rental and Package Offers


At RentBike, you can rent bikes at various destinations in southern Sweden, including Malmö, Ystad, Helsingborg, and Simrishamn. They are located in areas close to nature, culture, and bike trails. On their website, you can learn more about selected bike destinations and bike packages. Here, you can book everything from e-bikes, mountain bikes, children's bikes to traditional bicycles.


Travelshop is located in Malmö and Helsingborg. Choose from touring bikes, e-bikes, bike trailers, and bags to tailor your bike vacation. Travelshop offers a three-day package where you can choose the locations for picking up and dropping off the bike. Customize your bike vacation with touring bikes, e-bikes, bike trailers, and bags. Travelshop also provides storage and transportation of luggage.

Ravlunda Cykel

With many years of experience in bike rentals, Ravlunda Cykel offers various models of bikes, bike accessories, and trailers. They can also transport and pick up bikes according to your needs. Read more here.

Växjö MTB

Offers rental of mountain bikes and e-bikes around Sydostleden. The bikes are perfect for road cycling, gravel paths, or forest trails. Växjö MTB can also deliver and pick up bikes along the trail. Read more and book here.

Sakura Tours

On all bike tours, Sakura Tours offers bike rental, luggage transport, lunchbox, and a bike guide in multiple languages. They can also arrange accommodations and adjust the number of days and distances according to your preferences. Sakura Tours also has a five-day package in the footsteps of the Vikings. The tour, starting in Simrishamn and ending in Höllviken, follows the coastline with white beaches and several interesting stops where you can feel the wings of history.

Sweden by Bike

Sydkustleden Grand Tour is the package for those who want to experience it all and more. In six days, you will cycle the entire Sydkustleden with stops at five selected accommodations. The package includes overnight stays, breakfast, and a map. Choose additional options such as a picnic basket, extra nights, e-bikes, or luggage transport to customize the package according to your preferences.

Sweden by Bike offers several different bike packages on Sydostleden. From two-day packages to cycling the entire Sydostleden in five days.


Evertrek offers various bike packages for those who want to cycle the entire Sydkustleden. You can choose from three different programs - eight, seven, or six days - depending on how you want to plan your stages. Accommodation, luggage transfers, and a map are included. Choose bike rental and meals as additional options. The detailed program provides plenty of tips for beautiful and interesting stops along the way.

Petit Hotel

Petit Hotel has created a package offer for food enthusiasts who want to enjoy great food and the beautiful east coast of Skåne. Between Simrishamn and Bromölla, you will stay at three small, charming hotels. On their website, you can learn more about additional culinary stops along the way.

Hotel Svea

Offers bike packages with two days of experiences in Österlen.