What is a national bicycle trail?

Photo: Apelöga

The certification - nationally rated tourism bicycle trail - indicates that Sydkustleden, Sydostleden and Kattegattleden are a high-quality trails that are safe from traffic, and offers a wide range of experiences and service along the trail.

The Swedish Transport Administration has produced a document for national bicycle trails that forms a basis for the structure of Sydkustleden and Sydostleden. Bicycle Trails for Recreation and Tourism – Classification, Quality Criteria and Marking.

At present there are three bicycle trails that have attained this classification: The Kattegattleden Trail (Trail No. 1), the Sydostleden Trail (Trail No. 2) and the Sydkustleden Trail (Trail No. 3).

The Sydostleden Trail runs through three provinces (Småland, Blekinge, Skåne) and nine municipalities (Växjö, Tingsryd, Olofström, Karlshamn, Sölvesborg, Bromölla, Kristianstad, Tomelilla, Simrishamn). Overall responsibility for organisation of the entire 270 kilometres of trail and for a unified marketing strategy has been assigned to one principal – Region Skåne. Region Skåne is responsible for driving the development of the Sydostleden Trail together with other regions and municipalities with regards to infrastructure, development of destinations, and trail marketing nationally and internationally.

Operation and maintenance of the trail falls to the respective public authorities responsible for roads. Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) is the state agency responsible for planning and maintaining the national road network, while each municipality maintains the roads within its jurisdiction and in some cases even private roads.