For the entrepreneur

The following useful information is for business owners along Sydkustleden, and tells you how to increase sales by becoming more bicycle-friendly. This section can be seen as a type of checklist for achieving that goal.

Photo: Anders Tukler

Useful goods and services to offer bicyclists:

  • Baggage storage
  • Foot pump
  • Bicycle oil
  • Some tools
  • Water to fill water bottles
  • Charging of mobile phones
  • Freezer bags as warmers for wet feet
  • Salves for chafed bottoms
  • A list of contacts for emergency help for flat tyres and other bike problems

If you are offering overnight accommodations, you can add the following:

  • Safe storage of bicycles
  • A place to wash bikes
  • A sponge at check-in to remove bicycle oil and asphalt dust
  • A place to adjust and repair bicycle
  • A place to wash and dry bicycling clothes
  • A list of contacts of masseurs
  • Suggestions for good eateries in the vicinity if you do not provide meals
  • An opportunity to purchase meals for the road upon, departure.

Work with others to provide bicyclists with the best experience possible, and encourage them to spread the word about you.

 See the inspirational film about "bicycle-friendly business"

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